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Fall in Love with your home…..Again!

Remember the excitement you felt when you first “fell in love” with your house? For most, it was probably when you bought your home, or after a little renovating to make it feel more like you. Remember how “new” and “fresh” and “clean” everything was. It almost felt like someone else’s house. You don’t have to move to get that feeling again!! With just a little refresh, you can easily feel all those feelings over again, without moving!

Here are a few ways to make your current home feel move love worthy:

  • Declutter: clutter is distracting, drawing attention to your stuff instead of the room itself. It can also make a room look smaller!
  • Clean, clean, clean: Make sure to deep clean every room, and don’t forget about walls and baseboards! You will be surprised how much brighter a room looks after a fresh cleaning.
  • De-personalize: over time, we slowly add family photos and other mementos to our homes, which can make spaces appear small an cluttered.
  • Refresh rooms with neutral, light-reflecting colors to brighten them up!
  • Add mirrors to make smaller spaces appear larger and brighter.

February Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance can sometimes fall to the side and not always get completed in a timely fashion. Life has a way of keeping us busy and sometimes the last thing on our minds are fixing the leak in the gutter. I get it, trust me, we all sometimes make these sacrifices. Remember though, while small problems are simple fixes now, they’ll be more complicated later, so don’t wait too long! To keep your routine home maintenance list short and on schedule, try completing a few items every month.

Here are a few maintenance tasks to check off your list for February:

  • Organize your pantry
  • Clean and vacuum curtains
  • Check caulking around showers and bathtubs
  • Check for damage from freezing weather or high winds

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